Dorado Boxers Dreg's

About us

Dorado Boxers Reg'd is a small hobby kennel with 8 dogs in attendance. Our dogs all live in the house with us so we do not keep more than 8 or so. We do not breed often but are very happy with what we have done. We have been showing for about 22 years and had pet boxers before that. We have bred 47 Canadian Champions including 8 Best in Show winners in 5 Countries. Our Pride and joy has been Am/Can Ch Dorado's Tainted Love. She has been our once in a life time dog. A showing fool.

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That's all, if you like dog, this is the good website. Don't hesitate to support us. We love dogs and other animals. So with Rosey et Raven, we took a lot of title from champion league. Have a good day.

Tokyo Rose DOM (Rosey)

Rosey was my baby from the day we got her she was so bad. I first started going to handling classes with Rosey and she got me in trouble straight away. She was about 7 month old, as soon as the go around would start, Rosey would try to start a fight. I know she was laughing the whole time. The lady who was teaching the class would always tell me all I was doing wrong like this website I would be so embarrassed. I finally got her to behave but through the whole sessions if any trouble started Rosey and I were to blame. Sometimes we were not even near the spot.

I lost Rosey in 98 to lung cancer.I miss her everyday. She was just under 12 years old.

Ch Bullock's Innocence (Raven)

Raven came to us from a truely great person Greg Bullock - Bullock's Boxers in Mississippi. She arrived and went straight into the boxer uglies. Greg was so patient with me saying give her time. He also said if you don't like her send her back. I thought what a great person, and we waited on her. It did take forever but Raven came together. She can be found in the pedigrees of some very nice boxers. Raven was pointed in the USA but was what you would call a "I Hate To Show" dog. She could forcast a dog show aweek ahead of time and completely quit eating. She was a very sweet homebody. We lost Raven to cancer in 97.